How to Write Jokes and Become a Great Stand-Up Comedian

Are you considering getting up on stage to do stand-up comedy for the first time? Are you trying to write some jokes for a special occasion? Have you been performing comedy and are looking to write better, smarter and funnier jokes? Do you want to think of something funny at any given situation?

This page is designed to provide you with some basic information, free resources and an opportunity to purchase the #1 joke writing book on the market today – Breaking Comedy’s DNA!

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So you might not have much time and you want to start writing right away, so here are some quick tasks you can do to help you write jokes right away. After you have written a bunch of jokes for what you need to do, feel free to fill out your information below for some more free eBooks with more tips on how to write jokes. If you would like a comprehensive guide on joke writing that will make you a powerful writer – then consider purchasing Breaking Comedy’s DNA right away! Don’t waste any more time!

Joke Writing Tips:

1. Always look for surprise in the punchline of your joke. Did you misdirect the crowd? Is there a strong enough left turn? Example: Just the other day, I walked into a bar. This girl asked me to buy her a drink. And then she gave it to her husband! Man – I didn’t even get her phone number. . . .But I got his!!

2. There are two basic parts to a joke. The set up and the punchline. The set up should be a clear statement. It is the first line to a joke. It usually is not a funny line. Most of the time, it is a statement of truth. It is sometimes referred to as a straight line because you use a straight line to get to the second half of the joke or the punchline. The punchline is the line in the joke where the audience’s expectation is shattered through surprise or misdirection, which usually results in laughter. Example: I saw a sign on the road that said “Asian American Cultural Center” with an arrow pointing to the right. When I looked over to the right, I saw a Panda Express.

3. Use word play and puns to make jokes. Take any sentence and play with the words in the sentence to make a joke. Example: I had a long commute to work today. I walked out of my bedroom, hopped over my children’s toys, avoided the spilled orange juice in the kitchen, and jumped over the dog gate to get into my home office. (Notice how I played with the idea of a long commute).

With just the three writing tips from above, you can write any sentence on paper and make it funny! Get some more free tips on joke writing by filling out the information below. If you want to have a comprehensive understanding of writing jokes, learn from someone who wrote for the Tonight Show for 8 years and has been a headlining national touring comedian for 26 years – Jerry Corley and his eBook, Breaking Comedy’s DNA! This will save you 10 years on your comedian career!

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I’m Stuck. How Do I Get Better?



You are doing open mics. You are doing shows. You are even getting paid. But you feel like you’ve hit a brick wall. You try to write, but you have writer’s block. You feel like you have hit a plateau and you are trying to figure out how to get to the next level. You look back at your Comedy Bible, other DVDs, and books that you have. Nothing is working. You don’t feel the inspiration you had in the past. You break up with your spouse and your girlfriend and that still doesn’t work. You take a hit from the bong and you are still lacking the inspiration! What to do? We may have the answers to your problems at the Las Vegas Weekend Comedy Workshop.


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